CURRATED: SHAPES 02 by Piotr Lakomy

SHAPES 02 by Piotr Lakomy
at TTC Gallery 29. May. — 26. Aug. 2009 

The young Polish artist Piotr Lakomy educated at "The Polish Institute of Fine Art' in Zielona Góra, has been called one of the most original young Polish painters today.

His works is based on a long tradition of painting that can be traced back to the early Polish avant-garde pioneers such as Henryk Sta?ewski, Wassily Kandinsky and Russian Casimir Malevich.

Piotr Lakomy works with painting, collage, sculpture and drawing, and it's especially what happens between these medias that interests him. Style wise there is a clear connection to the history of abstract art.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Art.